When Faith Meets Movies

When Faith Meets Movies

When Faith Meets Movies is a parent presentation and guide to watching popular Hollywood films through a Catholic faith lens, with the goal to provide families with an opportunity to truly connect,

By aligning the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations with Hollywood blockbusters, families will not only be entertained but will deepen their connection through faith-based movie talk and time spent together through the shared experience of movie watching.

As a Catholic high school Vice Principal and educator of nearly 20 years, Anthony harnesses his extensive background in film to highlight the power of storytelling.

Furthermore, as an educational leader, Anthony shares why “connecting”as a caring family matters, when working to understand and support students’ social and emotional learning.

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Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations (OCSGEs)

“The OCSGEs were derived from the Love of Learning, a report created by the Ontario Royal Commission on Education, which recommended the development of a set of “graduate outcomes” that should be “subject and skill orientated”.

The Institute for Catholic Education worked collaboratively with the Ontario Catholic education community to craft a distinctive set of graduate guidelines, which led to the release of the OCSGEs in the 1998-1999 school year.

Since the relationship between learning and believing is fundamental in Catholic schools, the decision was made that the Catholic Graduate Expectations must focus not only on knowledge and skills, but also on values and actions” 

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Below are an example of presentation titles and an overview of each film.

Discerning Believer


Effective Communicator


A Reflective, Creative, Holistic Thinker


A Self-Directed, Responsible, Life-Long Learner

Good Will Hunting

A Collaborative Contributor

Black Panther

A Caring Family Member

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial


A Responsible Citizen




New Titles Are Regularly Added